How it works

Steps to Play

Download the mobile application and create a GameCoin account
Link Gamer ID like Steem ID or Xbox Live
Begin earning for your in-game performance

Use GameCoin

Use GameCoin within the community to promote content, tip creators, unlock badges, and rank up.
Players must hold GameCoin to post content and expend GameCoin to promote content. Any amount of GameCoin can be used to tip content creators.
GameCoin is digital hard money like Bitcoin, meaning it is scarce, unconfiscatable and exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies or USD. You can use it to purchase gift cards within the app or transact freely anywhere else.


  • Grant Scholl

    Chief Executive Officer

    Grant is a leader of blockchain education at events, institutions, and schools. He is currently focused on building GameCoin.

  • John Rousseau

    Chief Operating Officer

    John has over 30 years of experience in the multi-platform games and media industry. He was the CEO/Publisher of IDG entertainment/GamePro and a founding team member of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

  • Aidan Rankin-Williams

    Community Director

    Aidan has a passion for innovation and blockchain technology. He's shown this through his work with Nike Valiant labs, Emurgo, FunnyChain, and TokenDrop. Aidan also loves video games making GameCoin the crossroads of his passions.

  • Greg Fox

    Strategic Advisor

    Executive VP with board execution, management and sales leadership within the video game industry, digital media, mobile and SaaS landscape. GamePro, IGN, GasBuddy and several venture backed start-ups.

  • Kranz & Associates

    Financial Management

    Kranz & Associates is the premier financial outsourcing firm, working with companies including Unity, Yelp, and Square. Kranz is a leader in cryptocurrency management, overseeing regulatory, tax, and accounting obligations to manage risk and safeguard value.

  • Teak


    Teak is a creative agency based in San Francisco that works with brands that inspire them including Google, Uber, Facebook, Clif Bar, Jansport, and Flicker.