How it works

Steps to Play

Download the mobile application and create a GameCoin account
Link Gamer ID such as Xbox live, PSN, Epic
Begin earning for in-game achievements and performance

GameCoin Utility

GameCoin is used to purchase goods and services, unlock abilities and can be exchanged freely for USD, Bitcoin and other assets.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain ensures digital scarcity, fungibility and ownership.
The decentralized economics of GameCoin allow it to be used simultaneously by multiple gaming companies to reward and empower their community.

Leadership Team

  • Grant Scholl

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    Grant is a leader of blockchain education at events, institutions, and schools. He is currently focused on building GameCoin.

  • John Rousseau

    Chief Operating Officer

    John has over 30 years of experience in the multi-platform games and media industry. He was the CEO/Publisher of IDG entertainment/GamePro and a founding team member of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)